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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Work Apron

This is my new apron that I made for work.  We are able to ware our own aprons, if they are made from products we purchased from work.  I loved my old one, but it was starting to get tattered and stained.  I took what I knew I liked from it and integrated what I knew I needed into my new one.  I fell in love with this lady bug patterned fabric, that I found in our remnant bin for half price.  I knew I had to do something with it.  I decided it was perfect for a fresh new Spring look.  So I found some coordinating fabrics and a pattern that had great pockets and a nice top.  I added some ruffles, a pretty flower and a super cute lady bug and there you have it.  I love it!!!  What do you think?
This is the pattern that I used.  The one on the bottom.  As you can see, I changed it a little.

I simply cut out the top half and pockets, then added my ruffle to the bottom.  The pockets were originally one fabric, but I sewed my fabric selections together the same length as their pockets.  I was using thinner fabric, so I lined it on the under side with white cotton fabric.  I added a yo-yo style flower, layered with a smaller one and then a button, sewn on.  I drew an enlarged version of the lady bug and ironed it on with some double sided fusible webbing.  Add some fancy zig-zag and straight stitches and done. 

Does anybody know what these are for?

If you guessed making bias tape, you were right.  I used these for the bias tape on my apron and trim on the pockets.  I think it is pretty easy to us them, once you get the fabric cut unto strips and threaded through these contraptions, you just iron it into strips and sew them on.  Cheaper than buying 3 packages of pre-made double fold bias tape and you can customize your colors or patterns.  Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them or do a step by step tutorial

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